Top Nepali Tech blogs in the Nepali language

Top Nepali Tech blogs in the Nepali language.

Nepal is one of the Undeniable influential and Growing digital markets with hundreds of famous blogs online magazines. In this blog, I am covering the Top Nepali Tech Blogs in the Nepali Language. The Following Top Nepali Tech Blogs and magazine created to list the pillars of the Nepal Blogging Community.

As I have mentioned below, the Top Nepali Tech Blogs list here is entirely based on my own opinion and I have selected them based on the popularity of the Search Engine, Alexa Rank, And Social Metric.

I will try to have a look at all the blogs/magazines listed here in a timely manner and keep updating the list as promised.

1. TechPana

TechPana is unarguably the best and most popular tech blog in Nepal with the Nepali Language. It provides quality content in the Nepali language. It provides you news and information on everything related to technology like Telecom, Internet, Gadgets, Startups, Social Media, Price Rate, etc.

Recently, TechPana has started publishing video content on YouTube as well. They make videos related to technology in the Nepali Language.

TechPana is a Tech media company founded by an aspiring group of journalists in 2019. It aims to strengthen Technology awareness among Nepali through mostly spoken Language-Nepali and covers a wide range of Tech issues across the globe and promotes Nepali Tech.

In a short period, they gained popularity in the Nepali audience and were followed by thousands of people daily.

It has got over 60K+ Facebook page likes 340+ Twitter Followers, 552+ Instagram Followers, 17K+ YouTube Subscribers, and 111th position of Alexa ranking in Nepal.

2. ICT Samachar

ICT Samachar is an online portal of Living with ICT’s Monthly Magazine. It is the leading contemporary IT magazine in Nepal. In the position of global trends of tech media, Living with ICT provides a unique forum where tech enthusiasts, academicians, educationists, and students share their knowledge to fellow interest groups to satisfy their thirst for Information & Communication Technology.

Living with ICT was founded in 2010 and has been a leading ICT media of Nepal that promotes entrepreneurs and creates opportunities for academicians, professionals, startups, and students to share their knowledge in the ICT sector.

Living with ICT got over 40K+ Facebook page likes, 2K+ Twitter Followers, 1.5K+ YouTube Subscribers, and 395th position of Alexa ranking in Nepal.


3. ICT Frame

ICT Frame has been placed in the third spot on our list. It is also the complete tech info blog/magazine in both English and Nepali Language. It provides all the information related to technology.

ICT Frame was established in 2014. Since then, it has been covering everything from gadgets to all up to fintech.

It has got over 80K+ Facebook page likes, 1.5K+ Twitter Followers, YouTube, and 261st position of Alexa ranking in Nepal

4. Technology Khabar

Technology Khabar is one of the leading news providers related to telecommunications, ICT, mobile devices, auto, and technology. It gives you complete news, data, story, and information.

Technology Khabar was established in 2018. Since then, it has been covering all about telecommunication, mobile devices, auto, and technology, etc. in the Nepali language.

Technology Khaba got over 9K+ Facebook page likes, K+ Twitter Followers, 700+ YouTube Subscribers, and 882nd position of Alexa ranking in Nepal.

5. Aakar Post

Aakar Post recently has no updates but if you are more into Information and Technology, Aakar Post will make your day good.

Anil Ghimire, aka Aakar Anil, writes about technology, social media, mobile apps, google, happenings, and some tutorials in this blog. So, I thought despite not being updated recently this must be in my list, Since this is in the Nepali language, one should definitely follow and read it at least for the year 2020.

It has got over 4K+ Facebook page likes, 20K+ Twitter Followers, and 8k+ position of Alexa ranking in Nepal

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, this was the list of Top Nepali Tech blogs/magazines in The Nepali language. There are hundreds of Nepali Tech Bloggers out there but most of them are using the English language for their content.

Let me know if you think some more blogs should be added on the list that you find interesting in reading and growing faster. It would be great if you share your favorite blogs which you feel great in their respective niche’s.

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