Most Popular Online Shopping Sites in Nepal

A few years back, there were few eCommerce or Online Shopping Sites in Nepal but now they are rapidly growing. Every popular store has its own online store. The growth of technology has made it possible for the progress of eCommerce sites in Nepal. 

Online Shopping Sites in Nepal

Now, Nepali Online Shopping sites provide international products through international eCommerce platforms like Daraz is backed up by Alibaba, Sastodeal collaborates with Flipkart -largest shopping portal in India, etc. So maybe the reason Online Shopping Sites in Nepal are rapidly growing. 

Now, you don’t need to go to every store physically, choose a product, and buy it. You can easily use your laptops, smartphones, etc. to shop without having to go to the market themselves.

In this blog, we are covering the best and popular Online Shopping Sites in Nepal

1. Daraz

Daraz’s website interface

There is no doubt that Daraz is the number one Online Shopping site in Nepal till now. Maybe the future too. Daraz came to Nepal with the name of  Kaymu. Letter Kaymu was sold to Daraz and recently Daraz has joined with Alibaba. Daraz has an active presence in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Myanmar as well.

Daraz is the best choice for Buyers and Sellers. It provides a multi-vendor platform so that a Seller or a person who has their own shop can register as a vendor in Daraz, and sell the products through Daraz’s website.

Daraz accepts Cash on Delivery, VISA, Mastercard, and eSewa as a payment option but most of the users use Cash on Delivery. 

Daraz has its own iOS and Android application. You can download from the app store and play store. \

2. Hamrobazar

Hamrobazar’s website

Hamrobazar is an online classified marketplace in Nepal. This enables individuals as well as companies to list a wide variety of new or used products online. 

Hamrobazar is one of the most popular shopping portals in Nepal. One of the best parts of this portal is, you can sell your used product to others. For that, you can simply create an account on their website and put on an advertisement for your product. 

Most of the second hands products listed there rather than brand new. 

Hamrobazar has their own Android app

3. Sastodeal

Sastodeal’s website interface

Sastodeal started in 2011 which is quite early. These days, it is one of the most popular and biggest online shopping sites in Nepal.

Sastodeal means ‘cheaper deal’ so most of us are attached with the name. It commits to provide the products at a cheap rate and they bring the cheap deal mostly. 

Sastodeal is also like Daraz, which has a large number of vendors and a large number of customers as well. Recently Sastodeal collaborated with India’s most-used shopping site Flipkart. Now Sastodeal provides Flipkart’s products in Nepal. 

Sastodeal has its own Android app.

4. Muncha

Muncha’s Website

You just entered the top 4 with Munch. It is the oldest online store in Nepal. Muncha is popular in Gift store among Nepalese around the globe. It started for the people there to send gifts to their loved ones in Nepal. 

So if you shop with Muncha, then your order will be your doorstep at a reasonable price. 

Muncha accepts iPay, Mastercard, and VISA as payment options.

5. NepBay [Thulo]

NepBay’s Website

NepBay Inc is one of the oldest online shopping stores in Nepal. It started its service in 2007. 

Now NepBay collaborates with their subsidiary company Thulo and they provide products jointly. 

They accept Cash on Delivery and eSewa/Fonepay. NepBay has its own mobile app called Thulo which is available to download in the Play Store and App Store

Some more Online Shopping Sites in Nepal

6. Gyapu

7. Socheko

8. Gajabko

9. SmartDoko

10. RaraMart

If you know any other shopping sites in Nepal that I forgot to mention here. Please do comment below.

Thank you!

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