10 Evergreen Tihar Songs Collection 2077

10 Tihar Songs – After Listening to These Songs You’ll Be Super Festive

Tihar or Dipawali is the biggest and important festival for the Hindus of Nepal. This is the festival of lights and is called ‘Diwali’ in the Terai region. In the Newar community they call it ‘Swanti’, and it is celebrated by various groups of Hindu religion in different ways. This is the festival which is special for the brothers and sisters. 

Tihar Songs, especially Deusi & Bhailo songs, are sung during the festival of Tihar or Dipawali in Nepal. All people like, group of children, young, woman, even old sing these songs and dance as they go to various homes in their community for enjoying the Tihar festival, and collecting money, sweets, and food and giving blessings for peace, progress and prosperity. The Bhailo is sung by girls, and Deusi is sung by boys. 

Here are some of the Tihar songs that are popular and must listen to at the festive season of Dipawali.

1. Malashree Dhun

2. Sur Sudha Tihar Dhun

3. Bhaileni Aye Aagana

4. Nepali Deusi Nirtya

5. Diyo Bali Sanjhako


6. Adhar Ma Aaj Unakai Chha

7. Nidharama Larkayera Saptarangi Tika

8. Deusi re

9. Didi Bahini 

10. Dashain Tihar – Sugam Pokharel

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