Kantipur To Unicode Nepali Converter

Here we have created another tool that converts Kantipur to Unicode Online. Obviously, Kantipur font is another highly used font after Preeti font. As there are several tools to convert Preeti to Unicode and very few convert Kantipur to Unicode. So, in this Scene, BestNepali team has deployed its another greatly useful tool with high utility to stakeholders to easily convert Kantipur to Unicode online for free. Try our tool here.


Kantipur To Nepali Unicode


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How to Use Kantipur to Unicode tool?

Just like our other free tools, Kantipur to Unicode is also a very simple and handy tool. Just follow the steps below to properly use Kantipur to Unicode tool:


a.  First, copy all your Kantipur text/ font from your source, word, pdf or doc file and paste it in the upper text area above that is blue in outline color. 

b. Your converted Unicode text appears in the second text area above, which is green in color.

c. When your converted Nepali Unicode from Kantipur text/ font appears in the second text area that is green in outline color, you need to click the “Copy Unicode Text” button that is filled in Red.

Congratulations, you have successfully converted Kantipur font to Nepali Unicode using our Kantipur to Nepali Unicode Online Converter tool. You can now paste the Unicode text wherever you need it.

This tool named “Kantipur to Unicode“, just like our other free tools will remain free forever. If you are a media person, a blogger who writes in Nepali, a journalist that publishes online news, student or a teacher, our easy Kantipur to Nepali Unicode converter tool is always there for your good purposes.

However, we dare to ask a favor from you. Please help us grow by sharing this useful tool to your social media platforms and comment on your suggestions to help improve this tool.

If you find any issues in using Best Nepali Kantipur to Unicode tool, then feel free to contact us.